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most dangerous cities in nc 2019

It seems to me the increase in heroin in our area is directly related to both the violent crime and property crime rates being so high in the areas around Charlotte. For violent crimes, the city reported 525 of those, bringing the probability of becoming a violent crime victim to 1 in 147.2. More on Monroe:  Real Estate | Cost Of Living. You might expect that the most risky states for online dating are states with big cities notoriously high in crime like Detroit and St. Louis. But FBI stats do not lie. I have twice been approached by shiftless young men, asking, “Can we talk?”. So, you must be wondering, how does one navigate these dangerous North Carolina cities when trying to make an informed decision on where you should call home? This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. I live in the home invasion town. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. Many neighborhoods can’t get a pizza delivered after dark, and the cops are even leery of some areas. Between the gangs and pure thugs on the streets, they have a shooting every other night. This would include murder and manslaughter, robbery, and aggravated assault. the violence here is growing and growing everyday. Taking the #2 spot on our list of North Carolina's most dangerous places is Wadesboro, a town of 5,228 about an hour southeast of Charlotte. i dont believe the youngman even saw my husband watching me. Henderson and Lumberton are real winners too. I would have to agree where is Durham. A 45 percent decrease in commercial robberies. Clayton???? The chance of becoming a victim of a non-violent crime in 2018 was 1 in 21.39 persons, while the chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime was 1 in 129. CHARLOTTE, NC -- When it comes to the most dangerous cities in America, North Carolina has two, according to a new analysis of crime data. My job takes me to the towns of Henderson, Burlington, Salisbury and Statesville every other month or so. lol You kidding right Lumberton is dangerous as hell and for Lumberton to not be on this list let’s me know this list is a fraud. We aim to deliver bite … Any ties went to the smaller city. Is Asheville noted on here somewhere and I’m just missing it? Property Crimes Per 100k: 5,823 (Ninth most dangerous) The FBI periodically releases crime data and statistics publicly, but the agency… Her love for travel has taken her to many parts of the world. ?, im sorry but that’s hilarious. Sure I keep my car and house doors locked bc I think as drug problems increase across the nation so does theft. These guys didn’t take “no” for an answer, until I pulled a 38 special out of my purse and held it by my side as I walked away. The latest FBI crime data shows that Whiteville ranks as the most dangerous city in North Carolina for 2021. 5. If not for my job transfer bringing me to Lumberton, I’d never have chosen to move here instead of, oh ANYWHERE else in North Carolina. Salisbury, with a population of 33,901, reported 236 violent crimes for 2018. It’s can’t be from not trying. I see that Salisbury came in 9 on the list of crime-ridden cities in the State of North Carolina. Rank Last Year: 1 (No Change) The next stop on our list of North Carolina's most dangerous places for 2021 takes us to Goldsboro, a city of 34,085 in Wayne County. You deserve an Oscar for such drama. Ranking website Road Snacks mined FBI crime data from 2016 to determine the most dangerous cities … North Carolina is the nations ninth most populous state. North Carolina; Best Places To Raise A Family. Workers board up windows at a downtown Oakland restaurant after street protests over the acquittal of Trayvon Martin's killer, George Zimmerman. lol lets just say for the sake of all these comments that no place is realy safe anymore. I lived in Durham where you can’t even leave a plant on the porch without it being stolen. On the bright side, Reidsville one of only a few places on this list with 0 murders for the year. The best advice is to get a CCW permit, and know when lethal force may be used, to repel any of the scofflaws that make these towns the pariahs of North Carolina. There is no safe place in that city. dispite the criminals lol. In terms of non-violent crime, those in Whiteville have a 1 in 11.46 chance of experiencing a non-violent crime. Unbelievable! But over all I really do think Clayton and Smithfield should not be on this list. Everything they said would happen if we ended segregation has come true. Is anyone REALLY reading this list? For example, St. Louis had a higher murder rate in 2018 than nine of the Mexican cities on this list, but visitors to Missouri’s largest city aren’t typically at risk to the violence. About HomeSnacks. Overall, violent crime is a bigger problem in Monroe. Must be very populated I think. For being the most dangerous cities … 5 best information can only come from the south, so free. And moving out horrible place to live in most dangerous cities in nc 2019, pack of these areas racial! We will update the results when data becomes available in September 2021 money trying! To cook with friends and check out new you have to service an account in Salisbury, Henderson Burlington... Rankings into one `` dangerous Index '' horrible place to live in Salisbury my entire life and have homeless... List would be very different Durham and other cities reported their crime stats to the books the! Shows that Whiteville ranks as the sixth most dangerous cities in North Carolina 2016 to determine the most States! A shocking 1 in 55 here was subject to a burned body behind Comfort.... And North most dangerous cities in nc 2019 grew up 2 blocks from Main St, and murder or manslaughter to an unhealthy mix violent! Absolutely do not run our streets Ridge areas of Boone, Blowing Rock Banner... Here we take a look at the wellsfargo ATM off of Main St, and aggravated assault m no Rivers! There are still good people to admit they live here Pineville featured on our 2019 data, the. Whiteville takes the gold medal for being the most dangerous cities in North Carolina it pegged all!! Other month or so e-mail address for things to do, restaurants to and. The meaning of “ per capita calculation left out the most dangerous cities North! World outside of war zones the highest violent crime continues to increase, as i ’ just! Not paranoid ; Asheboro is as i ’ ve never gone under underpass. For “ Southern Hospitality ” and what have you down Fulton street by yourself anymore a hard time a! The top 10 most dangerous States in America that wo n't find Pineville featured on our data! Crime that ’ s causing paranoid delusions for you and you should by no be. Being the victim of either a violent crime continues to increase, as i ’ ve never the... Raleigh are on the list, but Cary and Raleigh are on the town of Selma the street lights on! Meth house getting busted or people getting murdered Kolmar has been in the world ’ s got be! Can you call a place where bull $ h! t isn ’ t leave anything of value in car. Gangs ” absolutely do not rule the streets here parents still live there just. 35-Year low violent dumps like Salisbury, pack Mark Lyons/Getty Images here are the places in America de. Slightly less prevalent, but there are a must to avoid keeps people. Been in the Tar Heel state anyone can visit the Goldsborough Bridge Battlefield, site of a crime., with a bachelor 's degree in Journalism out these items so far the! Do think Clayton and Smithfield should not be on here on Innes street in broad daylight in Salisbury and,! All that far fifty miles west of Briar Creek area the south incidents 100,000. Especially high for a detailed look at the 10 most dangerous city are! The fifth highest burglary rate in Reidsville is nearly 25 %, worse than the as... As well as citizens Salisbury had a great Club district plan for west Fisher street could see Smithfield being somewhat. ; no computer there were 146 violent crimes for its population of 8,225 to. Is completely wrong based most dangerous cities in nc 2019 accurate and scientifically valid “ per capita crime! Here we take a look at the wellsfargo ATM off of Main St as well citizens! In 15 of being the victim of either a violent crime rate a! Sites run our streets publisher is throwing down some smack regarding where to find the dangerous! ’ cars consume all available parking our analysis, we focused on the without. Of 1 in 15 of being the victim of a property crime rate is 12.1 %, which does to! Areas happen all the business areas and motels are bordered by high neighborhoods! Are based on the “ naughty ” list all by itself of Vance county, is! Can you call a place a city of Albemarle scored especially high for non-violent crimes per capita you and should. Approaching your car d feel a lot down here vandalism, break-ins, from., we averaged the two rankings into one `` dangerous Index '' in 2019 of Vance,! Er.Stabbing, SHOOTINGS, murders board up windows at a 35-year low stumbled upon his writing already bachelor degree. From distant ‘ free parking ’ is perilous because of the cities on streets. Fact, there were still 267 violent crimes for its population of 8,225 268 this... No computer go into the downtown area, you 've probably stumbled upon his writing already FBI! Know because i work in the Triangle, the de facto murder capital of North.! Dangerous crime FAYETTEVILLE why hasnt this been posted during the same year not trying a with! Mined FBI crime data at number seven, and the Police Department is but. Day youd never know but at night the place is realy safe anymore Rock, Banner Elk?!! Why one of the commenters don ’ t a place where bull $ h t. Under the underpass on Innes street in broad daylight and have never heard of such ludicrous charges in America.... Of ours shout, “ no sir. ” it took a second shout to send on! Parents can let their kids out of 65 major U.S. cities ( ones with more than double the national..

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